KiKA | Spring Idents 2014

The fear of a blank page is a widely spread fear among artists. As for us, we often make that fear to our strongest point. For the KiKA spring idents, we used the premise of white emptiness, where a small object pops up unfolding a different landscape every time: a whole sports ground triggered by a bouncing basketball, a camping at the lake that develops by a fish jumping out of the water… These are two examples of in total 4 different ideas that we developed commissioned by the TV channel Kika.

These idents were for us the winner ticket to take a trip to different exciting worlds full of elements, textures, colors… each one as precisely shaped and composited as the other.

It was a honor to draw on the blank page that KiKA reached to us, welcoming spring as it deserves, full of activities and sunny plans.

making of



dyrdee Tasks

Concept, Direction, Production


Creative Director

Ole Keune

Ljubisa Djukic



Sven Henrichs


Technical Director

Mesut Can


Art Direction

Jochen Weidner

Johann Volkmer

Konrad Müller



Johann Volkmer

Konrad Müller

Marius Menzel

Peer Pöpperling

Niels Alexi Johansen

Nancy Nordmann



Johann Volkmer

Konrad Müller

Marius Menzel