edding | Do it yourself!

Edding, one of Europe's most popular producers for markers briefed us to develop a concept for their underestimated "Do-it-yourself" product line. Every housewife should recognize her need for a marker that fixes scratches on wood or covers nasty mold stains. We decided to go for a funny but aesthetically charming approach with stop motion animated tools. The tools are trying to fix a nasty scratch on the floor, but while trying it aggressively they seem to make the damage even worse. Fortunately a lovely female hand saves the day and fixes the stain perfectly. Every Tool was animated like a wild animal that is more driven by instincts than by rationality. While exaggerating the stupid wild tools, the female edding hand seems even more clever. We produced 2 Spots for 2 differently applicable products. Both spots share a basic idea and aesthetic, only the environment is exchanged according to the space they are used in.

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  • dyrdee Tasks

    Concept, Production, Direction, Compositing



    dyrdee - Ole Keune,
    Ljubisa Djukic


    Co Director

    Lucas Zanotto



    Sven Henrichs


    Production Assistent

    Konrad Weser


    Technical Director

    Mesut Can