dyrdee Media | Maya & Bonsai

Maya and Bonsai is a with great passion developed inhouse series. The series has a high impact on enviromental and social aspects and a great invitational and stimulative nature for kids. Concerning the look and feel of the show, the idea was to create a 3D series without looking too 3D-ish. Therefore, the 3D characters got an hand-drawn self-made texture. We love the result after a long periode of testing and trying. The story is about the eight year old Maya who lost her parents, when their plane disappeared somewhere over the jungle of MinJin. Since the disaster Maya and her hamster/bear Bonsai are living with her grandma Granny. Maya is intensively engaged in protecting the environment and generally, in making the world a better place. Impulsive and unable to curb her enthusiasm she overdoes everything. 

making of



dyrdee Tasks

Concept, Production, Direction, 3D, Compositing


Idea Direction and Character Art

Ljubisa Djukic



Carsten Kluth



Sven Henrichs


3D Character Animation and modeling

Lars Krüger


Background Design

Luis Fernando Masarella



Konrad Müller



Daniel Griese