Comedy Central | ReDesign 2011

Comedy Central Germany launched on January 15th 2007 as a new alternative and very edgy Comedy Channel using the US Street Art Design from the Late 90’s. In the fall of 2007 the station re-positioned itself 180° targeting more women above 30 and adjusting the current design of that time to a slight „Pro7“-feeling. In July 2008 Comedy Central Germany launched its first complete re-design since the start of the channel. Magic mirrors, a simple but clear idea for the latest CI of Comedy Central Europe. The shows are integrated as slightly distorted reflections in a stylized 3D Type World.


Enjoy - DAILY!

making of


  • dyrdee Tasks
    Concept, Production, Direction
Ljubisa Djukic
    Ole Keune


    Stephan Sacher

    Radoslaw Jamrog

    Ian Hutchinson

    Jochen Weidner

    Konrad Müller

    Sven Henrichs
    Technical Director
    Mesut Can